Tommy Roberts

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Tommy Roberts
Age 36
Nationality American
Car # 58
Years Competed 2013-
Current Team WestFall Motorsports
Pole Positions
Twitter @tigerman500
JB Canon Driver

Thomas Jeremy Roberts (born November 4, 1982) is a driver, from Cleveland, Ohio, for the Tigerman's Series. He drives the #58 Ford for WestFall Motorsports, which he drives full-time. He also started racing in 2012. He is the son of Bill and Suzy Roberts.

Early and Personal Life[edit]

When at the age of 14, Tommy became a follower of his father and wanted to become a race car driver. Tommy raced Go Karts for 10 years, winning only 1 race. He didn't think he would become a powerful racer. His father owned his Monster Truck that Tommy competed in for 5 more years. Tommy still didn't have any luck, he won only 5 races.