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William Roger Roberts (born January 25, 1958) is currently the owner of WestFall Motorsports and he was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Bill has three sons: Tigerman's Series driver Tommy Roberts, Paul and Matt. He is currently married to Suzy Roberts.

Early Life[edit]

Bill started racing Go Karts when he was just 8 years old. There he won over 50 races in just 7 years. At the age of 19, he drove in many different types of cars and series. At the age of 25, he got married to his wife, Suzy.

Racing Life[edit]

He ran in 3000 races in 10 different series and won 800 races. Bill raced from 1978-2000. He finally decided to retire in 2000, when his car was flipped violently by Eric Clauss. Even though Roberts was not seriously injured, he gave up racing and focused on becoming a race car owner.